How To Increase Patient Compliance And Decrease Your Frustration by Annette Tonkin

How To Increase Patient Compliance And Decrease Your Frustration

Learn How To Decrease Your Frustration When Working With Challenging Clients


This course is designed to give you the tools to work more effectively with patients who seem to lack motivation.

You will learn about how you influence treatment outcomes by the way you interview your patient.

You will become familiar with language that indicates a possible lack of compliance.

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What's included?

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Module 1
3 mins
Who is Annette Tonkin?
4 mins
What you will learn
2 mins
How to access the bonus section
Link to Free Course
Module 2
Styles of consulting
14 mins
Module 3
Stages Of Change
8 mins
Module 4
Language tools to help with patient motivation
14 mins
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The Influence of 'WHY'.pdf
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Module 5
3 mins
Activity and useful links
Understanding Psychological Reactance
Psychology And Reactance Theory
Consulting Checklist.pdf
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Useful Reading.pdf
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Simple Psychological Strategies To Help With Patients' Thinking

Transform the way you work and increase your patient satisfaction rate

Helping you manage your challenging patient and increase compliance